Clare Celeste brings me to places I've never even dreamt I could go. Inviting you into worlds between worlds, her room-size installations and plexiglass pieces transport you into ethereal, grounding moments. Expertly manipulating paper in a way, that she constructs new breathing not-so-quiet worlds. My greatest hope is to not only meet her in person one day but to see her art in person as well.
3. Bisa Butler
1. Clare Celeste
 In my 2020 art goals, one goal was offering more insight into the before, during and the after process of me creating a piece. What exactly gets the thread on to the fabric. The challenge of putting my ideas out there is daunting, yet exciting and I feel I could connect even more with my audience. I could also highlight artists' work that I not only love but also inspire me.     
So, I’ve decided to share six artists whose art I've been loving in 2019 and who you should be following in 2020.     
I would like to preface this with prompting that these are just the six artists of many, who I admire. Artists like these six who are so incredibly diverse as this, there's definitely another list in the making, and I cannot wait to share.   
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6. Ten Hundred
2. Kit King
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The vastness in the scale of Kit King’s pieces forces you find every appreciation for every aspect presented. Shockingly beautiful, her works often take me on an adventure of the human experience and that art can exceed imitating life. Her ability to create and destroy is very much akin to life itself. Kit King’s work will never cease to amaze me. I can honestly attribute her inspiring my latest piece, ’We All Kneel’.
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Cayce Zavaglia’s hyperrealistic redemptions of those who mean the absolute most to her, with her contrasting versos, had unearthed a new world for me. Permanently changed the way embroidery is seen in the eyes of those in and outside, the art world. To me, evolving the way many see embroidery, every single day.  
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5. Sophia Narrett
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When I first discovered Ten Hundred’s work on Youtube, he exuded wonderment and adventure. His personality shines out of every piece, whether that be a wall or spray can. I really enjoy watching his creative process, and watching him navigate his career as an artist, it is awe-inspiring.  
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4. Cayce Zavaglia
Quilted portraitures depicting historical figures and other larger than life colorful souls, living their absolute truth, in pure confidence. Bisa Butler’s art feels like home to me, nostalgia personified. The grandeur of her pieces and passion, using African fabric in her work, brings being a fiber artist to an entirely new realm. Another artist whose work transports you and will love to see in person one day.
6 Artists You Should Be Following In 2020 (On Instagram)
I am very excited about where this year will lead the six artists listed, myself and even the people reading this very post! This is the year of exploration, risk, and connection. Besides the anticipation of new art, exhibitions, and collaborations, I'm excited to connect with, and hopefully meeting more of you! Feel free to comment a few of your favorite artists below and if you are inclined to share, feel free to tag me on your Instagram stories and let me know your thoughts!  

All images are the property of the perspective artist
Sophia Narrett is a true storyteller. With thread depicting the best and worst of us, I can spend hours, upon hours discovering new plots within her work. Her art never ceases to transport me into fairie realms, where debauchery is encouraged. I absolutely love the never-ending stories they contain.