Entry 0002
Appreciation Remains Boundless.
Sam’s Instagram (It rhymes!) 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Thank you for stopping in for my second artist entry. These posts are a laid-back effort to share more about myself and the people I admire. Giving you a glimpse into my head so to speak. This entry is dedicated to the artist Sam Gluck. Firstly, Sam’s studio space is amazing! Isn’t it? Thank you for letting some part of my passion into your space. My appreciation remains boundless. I love seeing art I’ve created with my two hands, integrated in a persons space who is equally, if not more creative. Definitely two pieces as touching as these, It’s truly an awesome feeling seeing the thread come to life and coming home to its rightful place. Sam is also an artist, and I know you’re just dying to see more! Click the icon to see more of her work.
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