Did you know I wash my portraits? As weird as it seems it's very, very necessary. Making sure my pieces are clean after hours of touching them, this is very important, definitely when (re) framing. There are typically three phases to me creating a piece. Phase 1: Conceptualizing the piece. Phase 2: Actually creating the portrait. This is the longest phase. Phase 3: Mounting and stretching (framing) To me, I feel like framing, the act of mounting, stretching and sealing the frame is the most important step. Picking a physical frame to house your piece is also important, it should really represent your personality and functionality. But making sure your art outlives you many times over is significant.
Paranoid Framer
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Making sure nothing interferes with the integrity of your art, I for one advocate splurging on high-quality things like acid-free and archival materials. I won’t get in in-depth in materials because framing is so personal to the artist and their specific needs. As long as what you use doesn’t negatively affect your work is key. If you think ”Wow this is really affordable, this has to be too good to be true.” Chances are it probably is. If you find yourself completely lost on how you should go about framing your art, consult a reputable framer. I highly suggest avoid the big box stores, from my personal experience the bottom line matters more and I am still learning from that lesson. To conclude this entry I want to leave you with this tidbit, research and explore your options, and being a paranoid framer will never steer you wrong.
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