We All Kneel... The Introduction
New ideas can cause all types of doubts, and I can genuinely say I am not exempt from my inner critic. I was curious, anxious, excited, and impatient as I took on a piece of this magnitude. I had no idea what was going to happen and I honestly still don’t. I just knew it had legs, and it was time it learned how to walk. ‘We All Kneel’ to me encompassed regretful actions. The consequences of things we’ve done to others that were without a doubt hurtful, manipulative, and beneath us. Inspired from real-life scenarios and (lack of) relationships, this piece maps out the moment we all have to face, when the outcome of the decisions and the paths we took, come to ahead. Examination of wanting everything and nothing at all, this piece dives deep. The moment this piece came to mind I was really experimenting with the idea of extremes. Anyone that follows me on Instagram or in real life knows how much I adore miniature art and the boundaries I push within my medium. My love for extremes goes both ways. I consistently try to do as much as humanly possible with as little as necessary. Using the tools at my disposal and creating outcomes I wouldn’t have come to if I had an endless amount of resources. ‘We All Kneel’ is one of my extremes. Without divulging too much information on sizing, it’s my biggest piece to date and the most physical and mentally taxing. My method of producing art can often be seen as meditative despite knowing just how pressure is on my joints and eyes. The sessions aren’t so uncomfortable that it’s undoable... But this piece has taken it to an entirely new place. I really work hard at pacing myself, so the process can be somewhat enjoyable to my back. Trying to balance working efficiently while not locking my knees is an interesting cycle of constantly checking my posture and relaxing to standing as stiff as a mannequin. Not being locked kneed is hard... muralists, how do you do it?! As I’ve finally arrived at a point where I know everything will be okay and it has become a battle of perseverance, I am very excited to introduce ‘We All Kneel.’ Please follow along with me on yet, another journey, Stitch by Stitch.