In conclusion... My hope for this piece is that wherever this piece may find itself, whatever walls it may reside on, and the message surrounding this piece may evolve over time. I hope just an ounce of the original essence of this piece reaches the owner, in a way it reached me every morning when I woke up.
With this being my largest piece to date, I was very hesitant to start. I had no idea where this would steer me. I had no concrete idea of how big this piece would be, nor how long it was going to take me. I jumped into this with no idea on just how deep the pool was so to speak.
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Despite being the most impatient person, this was the most peaceful five months of creating. I didn’t feel stir-crazy and felt the need to jump into something else. I plowed through audiobook after audiobook and didn’t feel the need to restrict myself. It was bliss, and I assume so because it was a new challenge and I took my time and immersed myself into the process.
We did it! Yes, we! I mean, I may have stood up for 5 months (110 hrs) working on it, but there are so many people that made helped make this possible! Family and friends/muses who not only provided me with constant encouragement throughout my progress, and helped along the way with a few things I may have needed. No words could express my thanks and appreciation.
I briefly touched on the why of this piece and how it embodies the accumulation of all the decisions we make in life, the good, bad and the in-between. That at the end of days, day, we all kneel and answer for our choices. Every day I woke up while working on this piece, and I would see it across the room. I was reminded to make the best out of life, and the situations it brings, even when it’s hard. That with one failure, there’s an opportunity on its heels. That manifestation, hope, and faith were very powerful things.
And Then... We All Kneeled
Thank you, everyone, who has supported me along the way in any shape or form, while creating this piece. I appreciate you all. To stay up to date with me please use the link below. ❤️